About Matrika

Matrika is a design researcher based in London, New Delhi and Kolkata.

Design has a way of being impersonally personal. Coming from a commercial textile background, ‘design’ was industry and trend-driven, focused on what the market wanted. At the same time working with traditional craft practices led to discovering the importance of connection and people through design and textiles. This led to two distinct viewpoints that played key roles in her work as a designer and as a researcher.

She has worked with multidisciplinary design and textile studios. She engaged in different parts of the research and design development processes as well as using design strategies to create new systems.

Her journey at Royal College of Art began with understanding sustainability through various dimensions, it evolved into investigating how it is linked to the social responsibility of creativity and the ethical impact of design.

Her process is about being in the constant evolution of thought, questioning and critiquing the current systems and introspecting her role within them.

Matrika Bhandari
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